The new MBR website is almost up and running! I know, I know, you can’t possibly wait any longer. But it will be here soon enough, my pretties. So very soon.

Some newfangled features of our aforementioned quantum tech-leap:

  • an ultramodern site design—very easy on the eyes
  • brand spankin’ new retail products available for online purchase, including parts, accessories, and a full line of Felt frames, frame kits (fork + seatpost included), and complete bikes
  • updated shop locations

So keep checking back with us. Come first of May, we launch…

into the future!


Next up, another month of national awareness looms on the horizon, and it’s a good one. Mark it on your calendars, errbody, because May is—yep, you guessed it:


Established in 1956 and celebrated across the country, National Bike Month is a special time of year for us cyclists—a time when we all gather together to proclaim at the top of our obscenely large cyclist-lungs the many benefits of this sport we so dearly love.

And, in honor of our favorite month, MBR will be offering a storewide 5% discount to help you get back in the saddle after your decade-long hiatus. (Oh, you were gonna take it in for a tune up next week? Uh-huh. Sure.)

So now is the perfect time to slap some slick new tires on that old beater that’s been gathering dust in your garage. And maybe some fancy magnesium + carbon fiber machinery to replace those rusty chunks of steel you call derailleurs. And maybe some new bar tape for that time you had to avoid the yahoo in the Escalade, only to have your safe riding tactics rewarded with fresh dents and considerable road rash.

And maybe a whole new setup for Aunt Gladys and Uncle Wilbur so they can save money on their commutes and get in fine fettle for each other.

National Bike Month: Because everyone looks sexier better on a bike.



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