Congratulations Seattle!

You guys sure did a real solid for the cycling community on May 15th. We were truly charmed and pleased at everyone's dedication to come hang out with us in the wee early hours (5:30AM—yeah, bravo indeed) at our shops and pop-ups for some complimentary schwag, bike adjustments, and overall sharing and imparting of good juju.

(FYI, it's amazing what the word "free" can do for your PR department. Which, for us, is like a dude and a half, so we need all the help we can get.)

Go buy yourselves something nice, Seattle cyclists, because Bike to Work Day was a huge success!

Hey. Shut up, guy.


Fine then, here! Proof! Pics so IT DID HAPPEN.


Fearless Leader in the early AM at The Shop downtown.


Graig holds it down in Fremont.

And remember: MBR wouldn't be here without all you magnificent mensches. Thanks again, y'all.


Aaaaaand, segue!

In other news, the crew seems to be recovering nicely—due in no small part to the Fearless Leader's providing of bonus nutrition and libations (read: pizza and beer)—from our marathon bike building sesh over the weekend. A grand total of 1,000 (more like 20, but it felt like 1,000 to our bare-bones squad of four mechanics) bikes were built for Zach over at Pedal Anywhere to flesh out his new fleet of rentals. It was all hands on deck in The Shop on Sunday, as Mitchell's Popeye face will attest:


Lookin' good Mitch.

Fuji Fleet

Til next week, y'all.

Don't let The Man get you down.



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